I Was Afraid, I’d Eat Your Brains

Friday night is the perfect night for some Zombie-fuelled fun, and I am pleased to report I have had a second poem accepted as part of Cordite’s Zombie Renga…

My first verse was:

                                      new moon
                                      all this exposed flesh
                                      shivers my skin

and most recently:

                                      dreaming of pearls
                                      the old actress
                                      leaves her teeth out

If you have not already discovered the Zombie Renga at Cordite then be sure to head on over and join the fun.

With Zombies on the brain, I have been thrashing Conversation 16 (a cannabalistic love song) by The National, from their new album High Violet.  You won’t be able to resist singing along with the chorus, ‘I was afraid, I’d eat your brains.’ 

And speaking of coming back from the dead, check out this clip of the Bronte Sisters reimagined as Transformer-Style-Power-Dolls. Imagine one of those in your Christmas sack!

Gotta love Friday nights…



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2 responses to “I Was Afraid, I’d Eat Your Brains

  1. Ha,ha,ha – great haiku. I’d love to know how you stumbled upon that Bronte sister doll thing – it’s hilarious. You could make a J K Rowling doll that does the same thing.

  2. jumbo shrimp

    The Bronte clip hilarious!! These dolls would never be left to gather dust. The Anne doll was a little to ‘Chucky’ for my liking though!!

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