Words of Advice for Young People

Home after a big day treading the educational boards and discovered this mash up of William S. Burroughs and an old educational film by Mario Escobar. Burroughs sounds as timeless as ever, dispensing wisdom like a slot machine… so click the button and take a listen to William’s Words of Advice for Young People (you can read the text here).

And while yr listening, drop me a line with any other wisdom that’s itching inside of you.

Happy Monday to you all…



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10 responses to “Words of Advice for Young People

  1. Excellent advice from Big Bill. And a brilliant poetry movie. Need to get to work on some of that.

  2. it’s itchy:

    It’s best to fill sandbags with books, cause when the levee breaks, we’re gonna wanna choose our own adventure

  3. Mark William Jackson

    This is brilliant, a kind of real world ‘Sunscreen Song’.
    I’m always careful when asked for advice in case I’m asked to follow it.

  4. avenging aardvark

    I was captivated by the old school film. Burroughs’ advice priceless!!!

  5. Zen

    That was the coolest! Saving that link forever.

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