Shooting Star

You pull back the sheet, leave me
naked and cooling in the night air;
slide open the window
to watch a star burn out its arc.

A car passes. Headlights fill the window
making shadows that rise, then fall.
Did you see it? you ask

then return to the bed, push yourself
against me,  run a hand down my thigh.
Now I can sense the heat

on my skin, feel the trail.



Filed under poetry

4 responses to “Shooting Star

  1. Thumbs up from me. Like the rising and falling shadows and the trail of heat on flesh.

    BTW did you know Henry Rollins is in Perth in May for a book signing (Planet Books)…maybe he is going to Brisbane.


    • gnunn

      Thanks Coral. I missed Rollins on his brisbane leg of the tour as I was in South Australia… hope you get the opportunity to catch him in Perth!

  2. Awesome finish, Graham – really brings everything to a inevitable but still unexpected end.

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