Amanda Joy & Sheish Money Live at SpeedPoets

The inimitable Paul Squires has captured some exquisite footage of Amanda Joy backed by the SpeedPoets riff-creator, Sheish Money last Sunday, April 11. Just getting to watch this again made my stomach float… the words twisting through the music (and vice versa) is mesmeric. A slice of brilliance from two very special performers.

Check it out here and be sure to spread the word…



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6 responses to “Amanda Joy & Sheish Money Live at SpeedPoets

  1. Great to see footage from speedpoets – has that been done before?

    • gnunn

      A while back we used to have some film students taking footage, but SpeedPoets hasn’t been filmed for ages, so it was real nice of Paul to capture this slice of brilliance.

  2. Amanda Joy was great and so was Benjamin. Now I have the hang of it, I will take more footage. Onwards and upwards!

    • gnunn

      Was a great gig… looking forward to May already. Thanks so much for taking this footage Paul. It has come up really well.

  3. Amanda Joy

    Very cool Mr Squires! Really great to meet you finally! Such a great night.. That Sheish Money fella is just too cool for words! I sulked all the way back to Fremantle, stomping my foot & whining “but I want one too…” …. that & some more dragonfruit & rose gelati!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much Graham, you are just more than a little bit of awesome too I reckon!

    • gnunn

      Thanks Amanda!!! Was so good to have the live A.Joy experience again… Jules and I must definitely get obver to WA again in 2011! And that Sheish… well he’s a one of a kind aint he!

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