Teen Spirit

All that awkwardness and still, I was sometimes
happy, laughing, singing Smells Like Teen Spirit
outside Hungry Jacks, where we would gather
after riding the bus from the suburbs
on those long summer evenings
the light a golden halo over rooftops
and skittish girls that smiled or squealed away
here we are now, entertain us
trailing down the mall behind them.



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7 responses to “Teen Spirit

  1. Mark William Jackson

    Glory days dude, from what I remember of the early nineties I had a great time ( a mosquito? my libido!).

    In October I turn ‘cough’ years old, a pivotal life point. Planning a grunge party, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney… got to dig out the old flannel!

    • gnunn

      Total glory days Mark… Dancing to Mudhoney’s ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ at Brisbane’s coolest venue The Funkyard was always the highlight of my Friday night!

  2. I loved this. And yes it reminded me of my flannel-wearing days. Despite my rapidly advancing years, I might duck down to Woolies and pick me up a new shirt – heck, if Neil Young can do it, I can!

    • gnunn

      Thanks Nigel. I have seen plenty of flannies lately, so maybe the 90’s look is due for a revival. Or maybe flannies are just super comfy and never go out of fashion?

  3. Memories! Flannies will always be worn – cheap and comfy and room for the smokes and I hate them, but this is great:

    ‘skittish girls
    that paused
    or waved and squealed away’

    • Barbara

      I was just down at Target this evening (figuring out just how many of the things in the Sale catalogue were not in the store)… and believe it or not, no matter which department I was in, there were checked shirts everywhere!

  4. Teen Spirit.
    Indeed. The memories are always, i dare say, fun…

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