What have you done this Easter?

Jules and I have been working hard all day, merging our libraries into one ‘super-library’ located in our newly renovated Reading Room… We now have our complete library mapped out in the followwing sections:

Penguin Modern Poets
Gargoyle Poets Series
Australian Poets
(incl. Adamson, Tranter, Dransfield)
New Zealand Poets (incl. Hunt, Baker, Bornholdt)
Asian Poets (incl. Po, Un, Basho)
Russian Poets (incl. Yevtushenko, Voznesensky, Mayakovsky)
European Poets (incl. Neruda, Lorca, Ritsos)
American Poets (the Charles Bukowski & Diane Wakoski collections are mightily impressive)
Poetry Journals (incl. Island, Overland, Blue Dog, Versal, Rattapallax)
Beat Literature (everyone from Burroughs to Whalen)
Bob Dylan (yes he gets his own section!); and
Writing by Musicians (incl. Nick Cave, Willy Vlautin, Steve Kilbey)

Here’s a few pics to show the fruits of our days work!

So what did you do this Easter?


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25 responses to “What have you done this Easter?

  1. Oh, the envy
    looks amazing..
    nothing is better than a room full of books

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  3. Mark William Jackson

    Nice work, very satisfying once finished and you can flop in your chair and enjoy the fruits of labour, great place to hide from the ravages of the real world. Posting pictures is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, so your post pushed me to take out my camera and throw up a few pictures… http://markwilliamjackson.com/2010/04/05/my-study/ .

    Cheers, Graham, enjoy your room.

  4. I’m so glad Bob got his own section, just like in my bookshelf (and his own cd holder). That is a very orderly bookshelf, but let’s see how long that lasts. Well we have all be at the Woodgate Beach Easter fair and it was a perfect day for it – blue skies and no wind.

    • gnunn

      Bob’s always going to have his own section in my world. Your easter sounds lovely gabe. Glad the sun was shining!

  5. What a fantastic bookcase. It’s the first thing I look at whenever I visit a new house, the bookcase. I made a video with Brad.

  6. I love that (a) GDS and McSweeney’s have such distinctive covers that you can recognise them from the patterns on their spines and (b) that the curtains and blinds combine to look, at a glance, like text. A beautiful room.

  7. The Good ship Dog

    Looks great Graham. A room just for reading is not so much part of modern house design thinking but it should be! Sure beats painting cause that’s what I’ve been up to.

    • gnunn

      Indeed! Bring back the reading room I say. Having all those words in the one room can only stimulate the creative juices.

  8. littlej

    yay a reading room with books in it! i went to fraser island. it was beautiful. did some beach reading. i don’t have enough of any one type of book to have a system. unless you call fitting books into my bookshelves a system.

    • gnunn

      Now you have to come on over and hang out in it littlej. Hope you had fun times at Fraser. Looking forward to hearing some stories…

  9. jules

    now we are truly married.

  10. Meg

    i love you guys – you are making the world a better place, one project at a time.

  11. Fabulous! Love the colour, the layout, the categories, the merging altogether. So good.

    • gnunn

      Now, when are you coming over to check it out!!! Your books look beautiful on the shelves and there is a seat for you anytime.

  12. They invited me back for the 25th anniversary of the poetry festival at the beginning of October… so if the CC kicks in travel funds, I will be there, so close to you guys and your books!

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