The Road Not Taken

Another Friday is here and as we enter that beautiful transition between night and day, my mind has drifted off to thinking about the weekend ahead… me, I am off  to Brunswick Heads.. Brunswick is one of those places that remains slightly ‘off the road’, and I hope it remains that way… We need these places in our lives. Places where we can return to our true self, places where landscape and body align.

And as today is Robert Frost’s birthday, I was drawn to revisit his poem, The Road Not Taken… a poem that illumines the beauty to be found when we move beyond the known. So whatever your plans for this weekend, I hope you find yourself on a road less travelled.


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  1. G’Day Graham,

    I’m a South Australian based poet. I’m heading up to Brisbane shortly after Easter. Was wondering if there are any gig’s on at the time, or if we could meet to discuss poetry.

    Feel free to drop by my website:


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