Slantedly Enchanting: Pavement live @ The Tivoli

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night I was at The Tivoli to witness the strange magic of Pavement. Malkmus, Kannberg, Ibold, West and Nastanovich were in rare form, taking me back to heady memories of when I had last seen them at the same venue in 1998.

Malkmus’ strangley hip calisthenics and off-kilter guitar were mesmerising; Nastanovich’s college-boy attitude was youthful and vibrant, his banter, hilarious (much talk of the ‘Bingle Bungle’); Ibold’s bass playing the embodiment of shoegazing-stoner-cool; West’s drumming the splashy mess that I first fell in love with; and Kannberg, who from what I can gather from last night’s banter has family in Brisbane, looked like he was playing to a home crowd.

The set list was killer, cramming in just about every song you could have dreamed of hearing… Better known tracks such as Stereo, Cut Your Hair, Shady Lane & Gold Soundz were featured alongside album favourites Rattled by the Rush, We Dance, Silence Kid, Grounded, Trigger Cut & Date w/ Ikea to name but a few.

Last night was more than nostalgia… music like this never ages and will continue to influence generations. Their twisted, lo-fi guitar masterpieces oozed charm and enchanted the sold out crowd.

For those who wanted to, but didn’t get there and for those who did and want to relive it a little, here is a podcast of their recent Sydney show – Pavement live in Sydney 4.3.2010.



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3 responses to “Slantedly Enchanting: Pavement live @ The Tivoli

  1. Beagle Love

    This Beagle thinks Bingle should under no circumstance consider changing her last name to Beagle.

    And well, Beagles love to love, but they unreservedly love Pavement.

    Beagle yourself silly,


  2. Toby

    Malkmus crash tackling west in the encore was a highlight

  3. wallernotweller

    i saw them live a couple days back. Loved it. here is the review.

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