Enter: The Writing (and Reading) Room

The lovely Lisette Ogg at The Empty Page has currently asked a bunch of people to post a pic of the place where they write as part of a QWC Blog Tour. So here’s a glimpse of my current favourite writing space… I mean, you can’t go past a big old button back chair with footrest big enough for Peter Rabbit (that’s our lovely grey cat) to sleep soundly on.

I say current, because I have a number of spaces that I flip-flop between… my other favourite is on the floor beside my bed. These two spaces are favourites of mine because there are always piles of books nearby. In that teetering pile you see in the photo you will find Robert Adamson’s – The Goldfinches of Baghdad, Chris Abani’s – Hands Washing Water, Lidija Cvetkovic’s – War is not the Season for Figs, Toh Hsien Min’s – The Enclosure of Love, Yasunari Kawabata’s – Snow Country, and the latest issue of Blue Dog and paper wasp, to name a few.

For me, a writing space must be inhabited by books, have access to music and at the same time have the capacity to be a place of silence, have enough space to accomodate a cat and its purrs and have good access to light and air… this one ticks all the boxes.



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10 responses to “Enter: The Writing (and Reading) Room

  1. The Lucky Possum

    This is disappointing, I expected a few old Tooheys New cans somewhere in shot.

  2. ‘Peter Rabbit’ – ha,ha – lovely name for a pussy cat (and what a lovely cat). About time you put your work area up. You’ve ticked all the right boxes (except mine has to have room for two sooky labradoodles) – music and piles of books sounds good.

  3. Cool. I agree re: music & silence – so important to have both. And so too, the books on hand

    • gnunn

      without them, the space is far too empty! what books you got lying around your space?

      • We need photos Ashley – you’re about the only one who hasn’t done the office shoot yet! And yes Graham, these labradoodles take up far too much room and only inspire a woolly brain.

      • Most of ’em are buried beneath piles of cds at the moment, but I can see A Coney Island of the Mind next to Mark O Flynn’s ‘What Can be Proven’ & ‘The Savage Detectives’ by Roberto Bolano which I’ve yet to start but am excited about

        I’ll dig deeper soon!

      • gnunn

        Coney Island is one of those absolutely timeless works… an all time fave of mine.

  4. Ok, I’ll give it a shot! I couldn’t get onto the site last night, will be back soon 🙂

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