From This Broken Hill

Meuse Press have just released an anthology of writing and photography from Broken Hill, a place where the sky touches the earth, where the rim of the world, if there were one, would seem to the eye only an armstrech away.

The anthology features poetry by David ‘Ghostboy’ Stavanger, Matt Hetherington, Les Wicks, Richard Tipping, Amelia Walker, Mike Ladd, David Brooks and many others. It celebrates the land, the people and their lives.

Images of roadkill

These creatures tonight/ breathing/ moonlight and dust (Roadkill, Teja Pribac)

and other wildlife

Corellas skirl in gumblossom,/ a drugged snake/ is scribbled in dust/ on the sun-tight plain (This Summer, Mark Miller)

leap out and whack the senses. We are shown intimate portraits of some places of significance;

Whole animals/ pile at the bottom/ of a man made ditch./ A stench you can taste/ glues breathing lungs to rib cage (broken hill landfill, Marvis Sofield)

 we meet some of the locals;

The black man at the dinner table/ frowns at the cloth,/ searches his mind/ for the right ways to speak of it (The Ranger at Willandra, Jen Thompson)

and look deep into the shafts of lead and silver mines.

An eye of fire/ Lost in the cerulean haze/ Pounds the memory/ Of Maltese miners/ Groping in the depths/ Of the blasted earth (Upon Beds of Lead and Silver, James Waller)

The selected images range from the visceral to the historical and sit more than comfortably alongside the poems and short stories.

A shimmering snapshot of Broken Hill and it’s surrounding region that draws you in, searching for the finer detail.



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4 responses to “From This Broken Hill

  1. David Brooks

    Good to see you reviewing ‘From this Broken Hill’ – your blog forwarded to all by Les Wicks. I don’t suppose you can do something to remove the link below it to ‘David Brooks’ of the New York Times. I am sick of being associated/mistaken for that right wing twit. I appreciate that the link is ‘automatic’, but in this case ‘automatic’ = insulting, degrading and, in an ideal world (light years away), actionable.

    With thanks,

    David Brooks

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