Forever Young: JD Salinger 01/01/1919 – 28/01/2010


JD Salinger lived much of his life as an intensely private man, born the son of a kosher cheese salesman, he was drafted into the army in 1942 and was among those who landed at Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. It was during this time in the army that his writing career started; editing  the military acadamy’s yearbook , writing several short stories (his first to be published The Young Folks in the magazine Story in 1940) and meeting one of his own literary heores, Ernest Hemmingway. But it was the publication of The Catcher in the Rye in 1951 that captured the attention of readers and critics across the globe and earned JD Salinger the title of the Apostle of Adolescence.

The books protagonist, Holden Caulfield, became the poster boy for teen alienation. Caulfield is a character of epic proportions, the kind that gets under the skin of each generation,  a cocky, searching anti-hero, waging war on adulthood and society at large. Character’s like Holden Caulfield never die and in their immortality, their authors live on. JD Salinger, is gone, but Holden will carry his memory, with the same unflinching certainty, for many lifetimes to come.



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2 responses to “Forever Young: JD Salinger 01/01/1919 – 28/01/2010

  1. RIP J.D. Salinger.

    Those were the days, Graham. When a writer was only expected to write, could make a loving just by typing.

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