Hunting and Gathering at Lifeline Bookfest

Well, I look forward to it every year and finally it is here! Lifeline Bookfest… the universe’s largest second hand book sale. The range of books and prices are incredible… the vast majority of the books in the unpriced section go for 50 cents… the most expensive book I purchased today, a staggering $4. So if you are anywhere near Brisbane (really, it is worth the drive), get yourself along during the next week (Jan 16 – 24), and stock up on your reading material for the year.

And for me, the timing couldn’t be better… I am heading off to the serene waters of the Brunswick River for a few days, so will be packing a fine selection of today’s bounty to take with me… here’s just a sample of what I picked up.




Am looking forward to the reading time and the touch of salt on the skin. Until soon…



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3 responses to “Hunting and Gathering at Lifeline Bookfest

  1. …heaven….all those books… in English…

    I recently discovered by accident that there’s a law here in France that you can’t sell on state property (eg you can’t buy second hand computers from a govt department).

    I suppose it’s to avoid corruption, dodgy deals with suppliers and buyers etc but this means that after a book reaches it’s shelf life of (I think) 15 years? our local library BURNS the books they discard. It’s forbidden to resell or even give them away….horrifying…..

  2. I have to stay away from the Lifeline Bookfest, otherwise the house would not have room for living in. Screamish – I cannot believe that happens in France. Why can’t they just give the books away!

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