In Port

here, at the port where we aspire to
clearer skys we are never entirely sure of
what was done to you upstream

what bends straightened
which of your channels filled in
what sheer rise of rock once leaned
to stare in to your clear defenseless face

* photography by Cindy Keong



Filed under poetry

4 responses to “In Port

  1. Very interesting poem with the port in relation to the ocean and rivers. I particularly like ‘a pleasure cruiser trapping the heat and throwing it back as a scorching glare’ – sums it up perfectly.

  2. Vic

    I liked the last stanza best, as it leads you to think of the downstream effects of life. Beautiful imagery. Great job.

    • gnunn

      Thanks Vic. So glad you enjoyed this one. We certainly do have a lasting impact on our beautiful rivers. It is good we are starting to mange this much better.

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