Bush Slam

If (like me) you didn’t catch the first episode last week, make sure you check out tonight’s Bush Slam, hosted by H.G. Nelson on ABC TV. Tonight’s episode features Geoff Goodfellow and James Blundell heading off to the fishing town of Stanley in Tasmania’s north-west, where they will have three days to take in the town and write a poem, before reading it in front of a live audience at one of the local pubs.

I am personally really looking forward to seeing what Geoff Goodfellow comes up with, as his reading of his longer poem, The Seventh Doctor, was my highlight from QPF 2009 and rates as one of the best readings I have ever witnessed. Geoff also recently appeared on ABC TV’s Stateline reading from the series of poems Waltzing with Jack Dancer and talking about his battle with cancer. You can also check out some of Geoff’s work on his own site.

Coming up in future episodes of Bush Slam are poets Sam Wagan Watson, Kate Fagan, Emily Ballou, Alison Croggon, Morganics, Melinda Schneider and John Kinsella.


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5 responses to “Bush Slam

  1. That first episode blew me away. A rapper and a bush poet went head to head but the bush poet won with the most emotional poem about loss of young men (through the war) and the loss of her own son (who died when he fell down a crevasse – he is still in his icy tomb). Everyone was crying by the end of it, including me, and that’s what poetry should do to people.

  2. It is great to see this show on the TV. Poetry on the TV! Who would have thought.

  3. Yes! I was very excited to read this was on (and bally disappointed that I can’t download it from outside Australia). Thank-you very much, H.G. Nelson!

  4. Last night’s episode was very cool, Graham. And…did you hear the ladies poem? It has a three-legged dog in it! Heh! Get back hear you, bloody dog, gets around he does.

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