Love Letter to Bramble Bay



ghost the shore

                                                          the hard pods
of sheoak spray their seed
across the path

                                                          and my words disappear 

                                                          like stones
skipped across a wave

                                                          sinking through
the pages of water.


                                                      Stately Queenslanders, convalesce
guard the shoreline;
ghosts of old men
cast in the shadow of jetty lights.

Eroded hardwood pillars
now remnants of your playground;
the pioneering spirit lingers
in the slow bite of rust.

Rolling tide,
churns forth your memory;
as the sea circles my ankles
I am written into your pages.






Filed under poetry

4 responses to “Love Letter to Bramble Bay

  1. Beautiful, both parts, linked by tone.

  2. Stunning! Can’t wait for Ocean Hearted.

  3. beautiful.
    the two of them surf well together..

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