The New Folk pt V

And the great releases keep coming as 2009 draws to a close. Here’s a taste from the new Sleeping States and Espers albums + a track from Iron and Wine’s 2009 collection, Around the Well. Hope these provide the quiet beauty you are looking for this Sunday morning… 

Sleeping States – Gardens of the South

Sleeping States main man, Markland Starkie has just released his latest long player, In the Gardens of the North, an album brimming with found sounds, layered harmonies, pensive tension and humming ambience. With Gardens of the South (like with much of the album) Starkie’s voice takes centre stage as it dips and swoons over the top of a sparsely swinging beat. And while the album rarely changes pace, each songs demands your attention, quietly rewarding those who take the ride.


Espers – Sightings

With new album III just released, Espers have continued to stretch the folk genre. There aren’t many bands who can blend the atmosphere of  early Black Sabbath with finger picked acoustic guitars, and electronic flourishes, but this is the swirling domain that Espers so fittingly occupy. On Sightings, Meg Baird’s vocals are languid and bewitching, providing an ethereal light to the swelling rhythms of the band. And there is just the right amount of blissful fuzz sitting in the background…


Iron and Wine – The Trapeze Swinger

Sam Beam knows the hypnotic power of a simple chord progression and he uses it to perfection here on The Trapeze Swinger. Add to that a stomping rhythm, blissful melody and vivid imagery and you have yourself a song that will stick with you long after the record has stopped spinning.



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2 responses to “The New Folk pt V

  1. keep enjoying your taste

    iron and wine is anytime winner

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