Morning Song

little by little
the sea gives up
its music:

it washes to shore
bleached notes
of destruction

footstep by
singular footstep
shell by broken shell.


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10 responses to “Morning Song

  1. Until very recently – the last few months or so – I was not particularly fond of the sea, nor she of me, I thought. No oddity arose from this, as the mountains are my home and solace, the sea a simple border between landscapes, maybe even merely being an element to scale distance by.

    I would soon discover that there was no truth in this, not for me at least, and without any real intention I have felt the pull of the salt you mentioned, that magnetism, and have explored the oceans from several borders, as if to skirt it and find its secrets before venturing too far into it, and this has had some catastrophic effect on the perspectives I collect and keep in my pocket, hopefully to use again, to see from again, to share – this poem is education at its finest and most revealing. And tomorrow, it will be something else, evolving.

    • gnunn

      Thank you so much for your comments. The pull of the salt is something I have felt for as long as I can remember. I was blessed to have grandmothers who both lived right by the ocean. Am glad you are discovering its many secrets…

  2. Little by little
    the sea gives up
    its music –

    Beautiful opening, Graham – & ‘bleached notes’ too, fantastic. You can really see a reverent connection with the sea

  3. wow, i loved reading tradersolstice comment. I was no favourite of the sea for most my life, but, I got a job in hawaii 15years ago and FELL IN LOVE with the swell, the ocean, the green, the blue, the breeze and still… so thank you tradersolstice and graham for sharing, inspiring.

    • gnunn

      And isn’t it amazing that when you fall in love with the ocean, it looves you straight back. Glad this captured some of the ocean’s beauty.

  4. I love ‘bleached notes’ as well. Wonderful poem.

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