Ocean Songs

                                                                               photo by Cindy Keong

My heart is never far from the ocean, but the pull of the salt has been even stronger these last few weeks…  I am currently putting the finishing touches on my next full length collection and have recently begun work on a really exciting multimedia project with photographer Cindy Keong. Both of these projects will be titled Ocean Hearted… so with that in mind, I have been soundtracking my silences with ocean songs. Here’s a few of the songs that have been washing over me.

Restless Waves – The Dirty Three

Taut and sensuous… Restless Waves pulls you deep into the blue. Ellis’ swelling violin, drifts elegantly over the gentle roll and tumble of the rhythms of Jim White and Mick Turner. And the bare-bone silences flesh out the aquatic journey. This is music to up anchor and drift away…

The North Sound – British Sea Power

Taken from the stunning Man of Aran album released this year, The North Sound is a jagged slice of melancholy. The band combine stillness and grandeur to create the soundtrack to Robert Flaherty’s film Man of Aran. The result is a broodingly atmospheric masterpiece and would have to rate as one of the most innovative releases of the year.

You Me And The Sea – The Gin Club

For me, the highpoint of The Gin Club’s 2008 release, Junk. You Me and the Sea, is the sound of a body, giving itself back to the ocean. As Salter declares, ‘my eyes the pearls that last/ my bones of coral make’, all wonder ceases… and then ‘forever there’ll just be/ you me and the sea’. Heartbreakingly beautiful stuff.


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5 responses to “Ocean Songs

  1. Can’t wait for the new collection and the multi-media collaboration will be great too. Are you are going to do it in a gallery as a performance?

  2. Even excluding any potential name-bias, Ocean Songs is a splendid vessel upon which to journey. One of those rarities that you hazard to love, just on hearing the name of it, and are not disappointed. I look forward to sipping at the other flavours you’re offering here…

  3. (I would also offer Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” for a marvellous sea-faring adventure, and would also be compelled to add a couple of Augie March’s offerings: “Heartbeat and Sails”, to take the obvious, but moreso the delight that is “Angels of the Bowling Green”. And I must say that the creaking of the ship in the middle of the live version of Iron Maiden’s version of “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is still a treat. Oh, and speaking of creaking timbers and such, Emiliana Torrini’s “Lifesaver”… I have to stop now…)

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