Jetty Lights

                                                                        photo by Cindy Keong


Jetty Lights

the quiet of midnight
lost in fishermen’s lights

the seabreeze blowing gulls
& a full moon slipping through

we walk side by side, you
dreaming your quiet music

the pylons gently
played by the waves.




Filed under poetry

10 responses to “Jetty Lights

  1. What a beautiful poem (and the photo is spectacular). ‘Sewing blankets of stars’ is a terrific image and exactly what happens.

  2. Cool! Can you tell us more?

  3. Mark William Jackson

    Dreaming quiet? I’d love to be able to do this. The image is excellent and your words marry perfectly to it. You are blessed to be surrounded by inspired colleagues such as Cindy and Sheish.

  4. South Dog

    Both words and photo took me to another place stirring memories seemingly lost. Back then dreaming quietly was a way of being, sadly, a skill I’ve since lost.

    Thanks to both you and Cindy.

  5. Hearty agreements with everyone! If that’s the sort of thing we can expect from the project, I’m licking my lips already. I love photos that manage to capture a feel as well as what’s there, and massively impressive to accurately capture that huge variation in light. And I’m a big fan of populating images with poetry, which this does beautifully.

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