Free Tom Waits Downloads

Now I am sure that will get plenty of people’s attention…

For a limited time, you can head on over to the official Tom Waits website to download an 8-track preview of the new Glitter and Doom live album, due for release on November 24. Glitter and Doom collects the best of Waits’ 2008 tour of the same name and as a bonus, the release will also feature a second disc collecting the best between song banter from the tour, edited together into a 35min continuous monologue. Now there aren’t many artists who could even contemplate releasing a CD of their stage banter, but for an artist like Waits, this is often where the real magic is captured. So while the downloads are free (and approved by the artist) head on over for your slice of Glitter and Doom.


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One response to “Free Tom Waits Downloads

  1. Absolutely love Tom Waits. Thanks for the tip. I’m waiting for my Dad to buy me his biography for Christmas. Have you seen ‘The Piano has been Drinking’ on YouTube. It’s the funniest interview ever. The interviewer says ‘so where do you hale from…’ and Tom says ‘ I live in bedlam and squalor’. Here’s the link

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