small words

Today I came home to the pleasure of the two latest copies of The Lilliput Review, one of the coolest little magazines you could ever set your hands on and if you need proof, check out this gem from an earlier issue, currently posted on Issa’s Untidy Hut (the blog of The Lilliput Review)



that heavy breath
against smeared glass

the poet rubbing

for the world to
peep through

          Melissa Cannon


The magazine features haiku, artwork and other short poems from around the world and has already helped ease me into the weekend groove, with its many wisdoms.

So here’s a selection of my own haiku… I hope they help lead you into your own weekend space.


                                                                        in the bamboo grove
                                                                        August wind


                                             turning my back
                                             you can make love now


                                                                        sun in the west
                                                                        between us
                                                                        not a word


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5 responses to “small words

  1. Lovely haiku Graham and Melissa’s voyeur poem is just a delightful image.

  2. naughty naughty graham! that pigeon one is such a rip-off of issa’s one! (kinda well-known)

    i’m going out,
    flies, so relax,
    make love.

    or maybe it’s just a ‘tribute/parody/homage’?…

    thanks for the issa untidy hut link!

    bruvva m

    • gnunn

      well matto, it was just me riffing on what i was looking at in the park. two beautiful pigeons looking for some privacy. so yeah, my homage to the pigeons. and after all, it all goes back to issa/basho/buson/shiki… glad you are enjoying the untidy hut.

  3. Don

    Graham, I’m truly humbled and happy – such a nice combination – by your very kind words and the fact that the issues helped adjust some head space for the weekend.

    I too enjoyed “Turning my back” and also “sun in the west” – very fine, indeed.

    Don @ Lilliput Review

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