For the love of libraries

When was the last time you set foot in your local library? If you have to stop and think, then maybe it’s time you went and checked it out. I am a proud, card-carrying member… always have been and for good reason.

Established in the mid-19th Century, public libraries were seen to be essential to the longevity of democracy. Libraries as purveyors of information, pursued the notion of establishing an educated and enlightened citizenry. And while this has not changed, libraries have become so much more than a repository for books and other printed matter. For me they are a vital civic space, providing the opportunity for anyone to be able to read the paper, check emails, conduct research, or engage in community programs. In a world of increasing social isolation, the library has become a community living room for people of all ages.

Fifty percent of Australians currently access the 1500 public libraries with more than 100 million people accessing these libraries annually (stats gathered in 2007-2008 by Matthew Allen).  And while 50% is satisfactory, this is a figure I am sure many would love to see increase. The revamp of how libraries look is something that I think will continue to grow this figure. Just check out some of these incredible library spaces…


Central Library, Vancouver



City Library of Stockholm



Royal Library, El Escorial, Spain

(images taken from the site Most Interesting Libraries of the World)

Who wouldn’t want to spend time in each of these spaces?

And while many of our local libraries are still in need of a face lift, the new(ish) Brisbane Square Library and State Library are stunning spaces. I for one, can’t wait for QLD Writers Centre to move into the State Library next year. I think the new location will completely reshape how they interact with the writing public.

So on this beautiful Sunday, if you are wondering what to do, join the growing number of enlightened citizens and head to your local library… you never know what might be happening!

Brisbane Square Library

Brisbane Square Library



State Library of QLD



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6 responses to “For the love of libraries

  1. When I was a kid we lived at Indooroopilly and used to drive to the Toowong library. It’s not there now but it had a really cool retro (not retro then) round shape – you don’t see building like that anymore. I thought it looked like a space ship had landed. Loved that library.

  2. I’m using my local lib for a launch next month – really happy to have it there too!

  3. Excellent post Graham, I love to hear it when writers love libraries – being a writer and librarian myself…
    Anything we can do to make the space more attractive to our community, we like to be doing it.
    Loved having Julie up here in townsville for poetry workshop.

    • gnunn

      Don”t know how writers couldn’t love libraries… they are so essential to the ongoing development of society. Glad you enjoyed the Townsville workshop. I have heard what a great time you all had.

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