Tokyo Godfathers

My wife sent me a link to this film earlier today and it has really peaked my interest.

The film is set in modern day Tokyo and focusses on the life changing moment that occurs when three homeless people (an old drunk, a drag queen and a teenage runaway) discover a baby in a garbage dump on Christmas eve. As New Years Eve approaches, the three unlikley heroes set about solving the mystery of the abandoned child and on their journey are forced to confront their own haunted pasts.

And while this doesn’t seem the most groundbreaking plotline, haiku are used throughout the narrative to illuminate many of the film’s pivotal points and provide further insight into the compassionate, humanist and at times sorrowful hearts of the protagonists.

On discovering the baby, Hana (the old drunk) composes this haiku:

                                                          little baby
                                                          powdery snow on its cheek
                                                          this holy night

That’s hooked me into wanting to see more…

Here’s a link to the Official Site and a trailer.


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6 responses to “Tokyo Godfathers

  1. It’s a brilliant film. Japanese anime consistently produces the most thoughtful, artistic and beautiful movies.

  2. Lisette Ogg

    Graham, you and JB must see Tokyo Godfathers. You will love it. It’s complex and beautiful. How the haiku are woven into the film/narrative is unlike anything I’ve seen.

  3. Yes! It’s superb!
    Satoshi Kon is a fantastic filmmaker – ‘Paprika’ is another of his films worth owning (well, they all are of course!)

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