Another Lost Shark Special Offer: The Stillest Hour + Measuring the Depth

Well, there aren’t many copies left of either of these items, and after all, there’s no point them adorning my shelves, so this Lost Shark is offering them as a package for $20 incl. postage.

So if you want to get your ears around my debut CD, The Stillest Hour, recorded with the master of the poetic riff, Sheish Money and your eyes on my 2005 collection, Measuring the Depth, shoot me an email at: geenunn(at) or leave me a comment below and I will get in touch.

Or If you would just like a copy of The Stillest Hour, you can order one as a separate item for $12 (incl. postage).

And to give you another taste, here’s a track from the album: Gutter & Edge


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5 responses to “Another Lost Shark Special Offer: The Stillest Hour + Measuring the Depth

  1. matt

    ‘measuring the depth’ is one of the best oz haiku (rooku/trueku/youku) i know of. buy, and read while fishing. or being a vegetarian and marinating tofu in mirin, ginger, honey, cinnamon, and black pepper. some will hit you “like a diamond between the eyes” as marlon says as in apocalypse now. or your money back!!!!!…. hahahahahahha (conditions apply)

  2. matt

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”, it tells me!

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