Brisbane New Voices: Jonathan Hadwen


Brisbane New Voices is a publishing project that I have been working on throughout the year as part of my Cafe Poet Residency.  The project is now almost ready to launch with the publication of a limited edition chapbook featuring the poetry of Jonathan Hadwen and Fiona Privitera. Each poet will have have a micro-collection of their work (8 poems) published in the chapbook. I am not sure if (or when) I will do this project again… I may publish one chapbook each year, but this may also be the first and last of its kind. All I know is that it’s been alot of fun working with Jonathan and Fiona. So here’s a look at one of the poems from Jonathan Hadwen’s micro-collection Night Swim.

Night Swim



there are black crystals in my bones
my yoga teacher can see them
he shatters them until they are clusters of sharp pieces in my thighs
he tells me
I am half way between Buddha and TV


my consciousness is a diamond floating above me
anchored to every fingertip, every toe
it pulls at me
and i crumple like a reverse parachute
it is a long fall up to forever


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11 responses to “Brisbane New Voices: Jonathan Hadwen

  1. beautiful poem…

    it seems australia is the place to be…

  2. Yes, Australia – but more importantly Queensland (and Brisbane) in Australia. Neat little poem – amazing image of the body being tugged by the fingers and toes until folding onto itself – ‘it’s a long fall up to forever’ brings it altogether.

  3. A great idea, Graham, and a great poem too from Jonathan, especially pt 1!

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