Submit to the Sea Things Project


Sea Things is a new public poetry project initiated by the Red Room Company in partnership with ABC Radio National. In a modern day seafaring odyssey, two duffle bags of poems will traverse the Australian coast in private, commercial and naval vessels in October and November, docking in Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Thursday Island, before being flown back to Sydney for a final event where the four commissioned poets (Sandra Thibodeaux, Luke Beesley, Graeme Miles and Petra White) will read their work and the poems gathered along the way.

So how can you get involved?

Head on over to the Pool and upload your poems, comment on the poetry that has been uploaded, and join in the poetic conversation. So what are you waiting for… jump in.



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6 responses to “Submit to the Sea Things Project

  1. Just your cup of tea. It’s a great idea isn’t it. I threw my orca in the pool just so he could traverse the Australian coast in the comfy duffle bags (usually it is a lot colder for him).

  2. joannejohns

    Awesome, I’ve been looking for a home for my mermaid poem, this is just the place for it!

  3. Have you thought about ‘ocean hearted’ for this – I know it is already in the pool but you can just edit it with a new tag (for sea things) and it will automatically fit into that category – I love that poem.

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