Brisbane Writers Festival – poetry has the last word

It was fitting (well for this Lost Shark anyway), that a session featuring five fine poets brought BWF 2009 to a close. The featured poets were Emily Ballou, Bronwyn Lea, Felicity Plunkett, Nathan Shepherdson & Lionel Fogarty. These poets had the last word, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some of their words.

Darwin’s Noah – Emily Ballou

Taken from her collection, The Darwin Poems. You can read more of her work at:

the square root of a full stop is the square root of 64 – Nathan Shepherdson

Taken from his new collection, Apples With Human Skin (UQP).

Antipodes + other poems – Bronwyn Lea

These poems are taken from her debut collection, Flight Animals (UQP). Her most recent collection, The Other Way Out was recently published by Giramondo.

The Negative Cutter – Felicity Plunkett

Felicity’s collection Vanishing Point (UQP) won the 2008 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize.

Remember Something Like This + other poems – Lionel Fogarty

Taken from Lionel’s collection Minyung Woolah Binnung.



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2 responses to “Brisbane Writers Festival – poetry has the last word

  1. goddamn! can’t hear any of those links! am reading ms lea’s other way out right now, and STILL trying to pluck up the cerebral fortitude to attempt a review of nathan’s ‘what marian drew never told me…’ will finish it before the end of next year, i swear! and now the bugger puts out ANOTHER one…oh dear. but good. very good.

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