Blinded By A Million Bright Things

My eyes are watering, my calves burning slightly, and my head is swimming with words. The Million Bright Things who hit the QPF stage yesterday lit up the Judith Wright Centre with the endless possibility of poetry. Last night for me was a landmark event, with Festival Director extraordinairre, Julie Beveridge, putting together an event which featured every poet on the programme. Forty artists, one by one had their moment in the spotlight. It was high octane poetry, each artist leaving nothing behind as they left the mic and the audience wanting more. And as Neil Murray closed the show, there was that feeling that peoples lives had been changed… the energy bristling, the smiles splittingly wide.

If you are anywhere near Brisbane today, do yourself a favour and let the bright lights of QPF 2009 illuminate you. Kicking off today with the launch of Felicity Plunkett’s debut collection, Vanishing Point and the session, Choreography of Chance featuring Rhys Rodgers, Santo Cazzati and Maurice McNamara, you just know, life will be better for it!

Today’s programme is online here.


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6 responses to “Blinded By A Million Bright Things

  1. yeah woulda loved to have seen that one! million bright things is a great idea, everyone doing one poem, wow! what a ‘blur of subjectivities’ to use the ol justin clemens phrase! enough exclamation marks! can almost feel the love from here…

    • gnunn

      there was a lotta love matto… A Million Bright Things was landmark for me… without a doubt the best reading I have ever experienced. Can’t wait to catch up at Overload.

  2. bruce dorlova

    …it seemed like much more than a million…

  3. The whole weekend was brilliant. Absolutely blew my mind. A Million Bright Things was something I won’t forget being a small part of. I’m still cleaning off bits of dust from where my jaw hit the floor.

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