Black Stump Blues part X – West

all roads end in horizon:
the dull red of Mitchell grass
a tumbleweed stranded on a fencepost

the attraction out here is
the silence you enter
leaving the suburbs of the mind

where everyone is looking for
a place to park and a skyline of
shopping centres 
holds us in


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7 responses to “Black Stump Blues part X – West

  1. Gabrielle Bryden

    This is great – there is something about the hugeness of out west. When I went to Longreach my heart nearly exploded with the space – you just feel like riding a bicycle as fast as you can go for as far as you can go (freedom!!!).

  2. Poodle Tension

    That’s it, put the book out!

    I’ll make sure it finds its way to my family’s bookshelf.

  3. i havnt checked in for a little while, thank you for this one, a reminder of the wealth of joy in the land that i’m willingly owned by. I need to get back out there.

  4. jules

    you should bring the strange more…

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