One Book Many Brisbanes

This Lost Shark has had a massive poetry week. A great night of live poetry at Riverbend Books on Tuesday night, where I also got my first glimpse of the three new Small Change Press titles for 2009 (very exciting, but more about those in another post), followed by the launch of the B150 edition of One Book Many Brisbanes (OBMB) on Wednesday morning. This was an extra special occasion as earlier in the year, I was commissioned to write a poem to open the anthology. And to make it even a little more special, it was the first time a poem had been included(generally it is an anthology of short stories). It was one of those times I was proud to have my wife, mum and dad and close friends beside me to share the moment.

Here are a couple of links to articles about OBMB, so head on down to your local council library and check it out.,23739,25679496-5003424,00.html

Happy Friday night everyone!

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