Black Stump Blues pt. II – Further

In just over a week I am heading out west to Blackall again with Hinemoana Baker (2009 Arts QLD Poet-in-Residence)… I was fortunate enough to have a two week residency out there last year and ever since leaving I have had the ache to return. The country really gets under your skin…

Here’s part II of the poem I wrote during my residency. I posted part I, Beyond back in April this year for those who want to go back and check it out.

Can’t wait to see what writing comes out of this year’s trip…




rise early
to catch mail run
ninety kilometres
of dusty
road deeper
into nowhere


dry earth marked
by dot-dash tracks
of roos catches
morning sun
redder still
against stubble
of gidyea trees


the eye travels
into clear sky
broken by flight
and glide
of kite hawk


bleached skull
parches throat
and lips crack
to draw breath


disturb wedgetail
at breakfast
he looks down
his beak
and struts off
in feathered


pull in
to Isis Downs
discover beauty
in drought-stricken
bones of sheep


feet search out
loose boards
in shearing shed
with weather-beaten
music of this place


the horizon level
through three hundred
and sixty degree sweep
you can see
the whole universe
from here


two hundred
metres down
Dardanelles Rd
I question
its existence


shudder over
cattle grid
Springlea Station
a gate


step out into heat
working dog stops
to greet me


galahs squabble
in what remains
of shade
while shearers
watch the clock
three more sheep
’til smoko


in the pens
sawmill buzz
of flies
the lame beast


wind blows
quickly through me
and tumbleweed
lodges a moment
by a fencepost
then is gone


you are the river
following floodlines
and I this
naked stretch
of land


eyes follow
the road home
words swim
along parallel
lines and blur
into horizon


return to Blackall
for coffee
and cold shower
drive these stories
into my veins


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3 responses to “Black Stump Blues pt. II – Further

  1. Say hello to the sunburnt countryside for me Graham… you know if you ever want a place to write out west, my folks would be more than happy to have you.


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