Queensland Poetry Festival 2009 – check out this line up!

Well Queensland Poetry Festival 2009 is just a couple of months away now (August 21, 22, 23) and the line up has recently been uploaded to their website.

As always, QPF is not afraid to mix things up, incorporating, contemporary, hip-hop, spoken word, lyrics, film, bush, haiku and performance.

So make sure this year’s festival dates are in your diary… ink them in and prepare for three hot days of poetry.

You can check out details of all the artists here.

And I will be featuring many of the artists here on Another Lost Shark in the coming weeks.

Now… just to get you salivating, here is a great clip of AF Harrold, performing his poem Cats Are Better Than Fish.

Hope that put a smile on your face this beautiful Saturday morning!


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14 responses to “Queensland Poetry Festival 2009 – check out this line up!

  1. Very funny – my 2 kids liked it as well.

  2. Michael Roper

    Yes very entertaining indeed – although I’m not entirely sure this is what the feline c[l]ause is looking for.

  3. That’s cool. Say I wanted to be a featured artist in 2010 or 2011, Graham. Given that I have limited time because like most of us, we have to work 40 hours a week and deal with other stuff too, (I honestly don’t know how you do it but I suspect having such a fantastic wife you lucky bastard probably helps) but I was reasonably committed to the goal, have no CV to speak of, terribly shy and never really convinced that I am as good a poet as I think I might be, or something. What should I do? Turn up at Speed Poets sober and do the open mike? Figure out who I should be talking to, who am I going to upset so that I can avoid them. Talking to anyone who’ll buy me drink, no no no. I tell you what, it’s a pity Louise Waller doesn’t talk to me anymore. What is the career path for an ugly uneducated brute such as I?

    • gnunn

      Yeah, my wife is certainly fantastic!

      Expressions of Interest are called for in November/December each year and close around February the following year. Check out the guidelines on the website for this years EOI. You should definitely consider putting one in for 2010.

  4. hi graham,

    lovely and diverse line up again, congrats to julie and all involved.

    hey paul, fair suck of the sav…been busy mate (life and all) not too much blogging – mainly reading.
    had a lovely surprise last week and got to catch up with two great tassie poetry legends, (no names no pack drill). we had coffee and cake in my kitchen here in yeppoon. lovely.
    my focus is on the developing ms at present and soon i’ll be totally involved in the online submissions for foam:e #7 due to start rolling in July.

    graham, as i will be editing again for this issue, i hope i can give it a plug, here http://www.foame.org/ and i’d love some of your readers to think about sending something. submissions close in november 2009, with publication online march 2010

    cheers in poetry

    • gnunn

      hi louise,

      yeah it is a great line up. hope your new ms is shaping up well and thanks for the reminder about foam:e.

      keep in touch,

  5. ghostboy

    QPF looks pretty fresh this year (except for a few usual suspects getting another guernsey) – will be bummed to miss the session with BriannaCarpenter
    & Bremmen Town Musician..nice odd mix. Great to see M baker back.

    Gotta say though, AF Harold clip truly awful – like bad/lazy Monty Python . very contrived. Hope he is better live.

    Keep sharking.

    • gnunn

      ’tis a great line up! lots to get this Lost Shark swimming a little quicker.

      will have to give you a look at some of AF’s work on the page as well then… i am looking forward to seeing how he mixes it up live.

      • ghostboy

        when is the lost shark actually going to appear live as alter-ego the “lost shark”, Dickens language and all with Jaws soundtrack on mute? Flippers & a haiku me thinks.

        C’mon, lets see sharkey’s day!!!

      • gnunn

        Aaaah you know I just love to keep you guessing, but one day it will come… Another Lost Shark presents…

  6. ghostboy

    Checked him out – now here is a piece of his I actually dig, very funny, great timing, seems more in his skin here:

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