Another Great SpeedPoets Event

SpeedPoets has come and gone again for the month and as always there were many highlights.


Marisa Allen (Bremen Town Musician) in spoken word mode

Marisa Allen (Bremen Town Musician) in spoken word mode


The melodic chaos of Bremen Town Musician filled the room as she tore through a fiery set of songs from her latest album ‘No One Is Holding A Gun To Your Head – Songs to Run to’ and her spoken word set was also something to behold as she writhed, whispered and chanted the poems from her collection ‘Fire in the Head’ to life.


Robert Bos with an ever watchful Elvis in the background

Robert Bos with an ever watchful Elvis in the background


Robert Bos, winner of the 2008 Ipswich Poetry Feast Mentorship prize stepped up to the mic for his debut feature set, the highlight for mine, his poem, Undambi Country.

A huge thank you must be extended to page seventeen magazine for donating copies of their magazine to us for giveaways and of course for offering to publish one lucky Open Mic’er from the June event.

So after listening in to almost forty poems, I decided the only way to pick one poem was to think back over the event and see if there was a poem that had stayed with me, a poem that had put its hooks in and left its lines circling my brain. And there was one…

That poem was ‘afternoon commute’ by Jonathon Hadwen. Here’s a few lines …


afternoon commute

the train crunches over suicides,
there is a boy near the carriage door,
he might fall out,
he has an agreement with his girlfriend,
that they can kiss other people,
but nothing more,


To read the whole poem you will have to get your hands on a copy of page seventeen magazine when it comes out later this year. And if you have not already submitted a poem or three, then check out their website as submissions close on June 30.

Next month, SpeedPoets fires up with a feature set from 2009 Arts QLD Poet-in-Residence, Hinemoana Baker (New Zealand) and much, much more … Stay tuned!


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3 responses to “Another Great SpeedPoets Event

  1. Sounds like a fab afternoon and a tough decision. Look forward to reading the whole poem.

  2. ghostboy

    Mr Shark

    Good to see my dear f(r)iend and one of the bravest writers I know finally getting her dues in the Brisbane poetry scene – restores a little faith…..

    Love and small comings (never goings)


    • gnunn

      Good to hear from you my ghostly friend. Am so looking forward to seeing Bremen Town Musician in full band mode at QPF this year. That will be one to raise the roof!

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