Burroughs vs Kathy Acker

shotgun burroughs


Well it’s Sunday morning … so get that coffee brewing, fill your cup and settle in for a while. This interview from the late 80’s is something else. Burroughs is exhibiting his shotgun art in London and is publishing some of the best work of his career (Cities of Red Night, The Western Lands & Place of Dead Roads). He is as dry and witty as ever and Acker’s questions lead to some truly illuminating moments between these two literary outlaws.

So here it is…

Shotgun and Paintbrush: Kathy Acker talks to William Burroughs.

And for those who want to check out another interview with Burroughs drawing comparisons between his shotgun art and the cut-up technique you should check this out at Leary and Burroughs.


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3 responses to “Burroughs vs Kathy Acker

  1. Fantastic, Bill Burroughs, guns, drugs, immaculate suits, wife-murderer, writer of some of the greatest books of the 20th century and that voice! Who could ask for more on a Sunday morning.

    • gnunn

      Glad you got some Burroughs sparking in the nervous system! Coilhouse is a very cool mag. Always a good one to keep an eye/ear on. And thanks for the shout out to all the quiet readers… the more voices commenting the richer the community. Hope your Sunday stretches…

  2. And what a fantastic magazine that is. Coilhouse, one to watch. Your bloggedy blog is rapidly becoming a very important resource, Graham. Where are all the commentors creating community? Too busy scribbling in private notebooks or playing myspace? Get involved you lazy bastards, hahahaha sorry, too much Bill Burroughs in the nervous system.

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