The ongoing question of Literary Value

Thank you to those who left a comment on the recent blog post ‘Self Publishing & Literary Value’. I would still love many more of you to weigh in on the debate and share your response to the question, ‘What is literary value?’

This question has been running around my head for the last few days so when snooping around some of my favourite blogs today, I discovered this great post, from Adam Fieled over at Stoning the Devil. The post titled On Snobbery struck me as a great response to the question I had posed, so I just had to share. Enjoy…

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One response to “The ongoing question of Literary Value

  1. That is a great article, cuts right to the heart of the matter. My thinking starting to angle off. Literary ‘worth’. What worth is in it, rather than whether it is ‘good’ writing or not. It may have worth has entertainment or taking one out of one’s life for a moment, but then a blockbuster movie would have as much worth as a great piece of literature. It may have educational worth. But, being me, I ended up at change. The truly great works of literature produced change, change in the way people thought about themselves, society, language. Even in a small poem, the idea is to engage the reader and leave their heads in a different place when they come out of it than when they went in. So if I was going to write a manifesto about Literary Worth, I would build it around the notion of ‘change’ which would also allow me to weave in the idea that a left-wing politic should inform everything you do, especially something as fundamental as your writing, if you think of yourself as a writer. It would take the focus away from the idea of the ego, of writing as self-expression, and whoosh I would be collating all my comments from everywhere over the last three years and writing a manifesto. The Potential Of Literature to Create Change (a true measure of literary worth) or The Legacy of Squires – The Anti-Haiku.

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