Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Well, I know it’s nothing new for a poet to be citing Bob Dylan as an influence or talking about his lyrics as poetry, but there are few who could argue (yes, even if you don’t like the man’s music/voice/whatever),  Dylan’s contribution to contemporary literature.

The distance between (insert name of poem here) and for example, ‘Things Have Changed’ may seem great, but if the essence of a significant poem is that the writer remains faithful to their own personal vision or to the vision of the poem they are writing, then Dylan is without question, a significant poet.

His haunted visions of an impersonal, uncertain future; perspectives on human alienation and insights into the human heart; epistemological ruminations; and acceptance of chaos have captured our interest and been the subject of sustained critical study for more than four decades.


Together Through Life


Nearing 68, he has released studio album #33 – Together Through Life and I for one am glad that Bob has been with me through my life. Here is a clip for one of my favourite tracks from the album  Beyond Here Lies Nothing

This takes the notion of kiss and make up to a whole new level…


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2 responses to “Beyond Here Lies Nothing

  1. kinda hard to really hear the song under all the noise n violence. don’t really like the clip, but have to admit it’s well done. like my visuals medium-rare, really. and don’t eat steak. but dylan is like sex (or cheap pizza): even when he’s average, he’s better than most things…

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