by kite hawk
that spirals
on hot thermal winds
like that
of the spirit of sky
inspires a hopeless

wind at dusk
resents the song
of insects
and falling leaves
remind me
of the great distance

I want to fill my hands
with moonlight
and bring it back
to you

here is seclusion
and stillness
with nothing
to break the spell

let me soar
a white cockatoo
on strong wings
to fill a cup
from the dark heavens
and banish
this sorrow

awake to pillow and bed
gone are the clouds
that stifle me

purify myself
with cold bore-water
walk out to
eastern side
of the lodge
to read
with tranquil mind
leave book closed
to daydream

three children
in uniform
run down road
in red storm of dust
only their laughter

take a right
and walk
to vacant lot
sit beneath
gidyea tree
read poetry
to birds

moment of pure delight
kingfisher holds my gaze
with dazzling black-eye
and sees
straight through me

still a stranger
to myself
even now
in the middle
of life

content to discover
the next tree
the next river
the next mountain
this one
that one
one after
the other
so that everything
the same

forgotten joy
as full moon
in steel blue sky
and lonely
crow’s voice
last light
of day

local pulls over
offers me a ride
I smile
tell them
I’m trying to walk the city
out of my mind

kick at stone
in red bone earth
send dust
and pebbles
in wild patterns
that for a moment
rearrange the history
of this land

this breath
taken in
and exhaled
dim halo
of stars
about it

moonlight slants in
at the foot
of my bed
on either side
an empty mattress
this hermit’s heart
is restless
no more


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6 responses to “Beyond

  1. mr oCean

    A truly beautiful and liberating journey, Graham. Thank-you!

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  5. Deborah Jones

    i love this….. thank you


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