Synaptic Graffiti, Ferlinghetti & Ginsberg’s Karma

I was excited to read that local collective Synaptic Graffiti are currently seeking submissions for a project titled ‘Memory’. The project seeks submissions of video poems that reflect the place of MEMORY in the construction/reconstruction of our personal and collective histories. Full submission details are available here:

Their first project Slam the Body Politik featured over 350 works of poetry, noise, film, art, animation, performance and activism in a mutimedia format so I am sure that ‘Memory’ is going to be something very special. If video poems are your thing, you should check this out and if they’re not, find a filmmaker to transform your poetry for you.




This got me looking around for poetry films and I stumbled across this gem… a film about one of my poetry heroes, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ferlinghetti is a feature-length documentary directed by Christopher Felver, and features archival photographs, historical footage, and interviews with Beat luminaries such as Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder and others. The documentary explores the life and work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who turned ninety this year, and reveals how this iconic poet, artist, publisher, and activist served as a catalyst for numerous literary careers and for the Beat movement itself.

Watch the trailer here:




Another film that is due for release is Ginsberg’s Karma. In the film, poet Bob Holman retraces Ginsberg’s Indian journey by visiting the places where he stayed and talking with the people he met. It features interviews with Synder, Joanne Kyger, Anne Waldman, and others. 

Watch the trailer here:


From the look of the trailers, these two films will be well worth checking out.


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3 responses to “Synaptic Graffiti, Ferlinghetti & Ginsberg’s Karma

  1. It’s funny how these ideas seem to have lives of their own. It is one of the ways the internet metatext creates a kind of magic. I was just reading about memory being one of the primary functions of poetry, it’s original reason for existence, in the Overland blog. Do I have to go vis myspace to submit? I’m terrified of that place. I’ve had an infected computer twice. I’ll see if there’s another way. Irrational fears or just instinct? They are both forms of memory too.

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