A Pod of Poets

The ‘Pod of Poets’ project has brought eleven Australian poets to the microphone to read and talk about their writing.

Eleven 40-minute podcasts have been recorded and produced by Poetica, showcasing the following Australian voices: Robert Adamson, Les Murray, Joanne Burns, John Kinsella, Josephine Rowe, Craig Billingham, L.K. Holt, Aidan Coleman, Jayne Fenton Keane, Martin Harrison, Sam Wagan Watson, Kathryn Lomer, Esther Ottaway, John Clarke and Jordie Albiston.

The A Pod of Poets website (www.abc.net.au/rn/poetica/features/pod/) includes all podcasts, transcripts, photographs and biographical information about each of the poets and is well worth checking out!


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3 responses to “A Pod of Poets

  1. Hi graham… I’ve really been enjoying yr blog. ta. a great read.

    Do you have the direct link for Hinemoana Baker’s comments on spoken word? Speak Out: Poetry and Spoken Word Part 1 ? Can’t seem to find it in your archives.

    Thanks again mate. good job

  2. thanks for the link graham!

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