Poet’s Breakfast #4 – Suzanne Jones

Time for that early morning wake up call! It’s Poet’s Breakfast with Suzanne Jones…


Wake up mum, Weetbix time! 2 year olds have no time for pancakes unless its second breakfast and mums always need time for coffee.



maiden sleepover voyage
her father at the helm
a Sunday breakfast


I began to seep
maple trees

saplings at least
walling off

at sixteen leagues
I baked
my own

called my father to table
called my mother to table
called my sister to table


tomorrow I’ll call my son
and husband to table
we shall sit

a veritable sugar house
and eat
our own.

About Suzanne:

Suzanne Jones: Performance poet and co-founder of seZsu, has featured at the likes of Woodford Folk Festival; QLD Poetry Festival; Sydney’s Friend in Hand; and was a member of the first QLD Poetry Slam team; Finalist in the prestigious Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup 2006-2007; Co-winner of the National Poetry Week Open Mic Championship 2005 and QPF Poetry Slam 2006 and 2007 finalist; she released her first chap book, Pregnant & Tongue Tied in 2006.

Find out more:



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7 responses to “Poet’s Breakfast #4 – Suzanne Jones

  1. Roh

    Lovely poem this one! loved it! 🙂
    would be great to see your comments in my blog… it would encourage me to write more 🙂 http://rohinizworld.wordpress.com/

  2. Jacqueline

    Gorgeous curls on the boy! (last time I saw him he had no hair) and gorgeous poem, too.

  3. does this mean all suze has time for at breakfast is coffee? oh dear. cute kid, though, huh? looks like…

  4. david

    that child looks like he’s on something. maybe a chair.

  5. suzanne

    who said there was time for my breakfast? only coffee Matt only coffee! Thanks for your kind words Roh

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