Publishing for Profit – How do you do it?

A big thanks to Amanda Joy for putting me on to this article this evening. It is a really great read and provides excellent information to follow on from the Jumping the Poetic Hurdle interviews.

SELLING PAPER: Can publishing be profitable in the 21st Century? raises some very interesting points about free content, the difficulty in publishing for profit in both print and electronic media and the role of advertising.

The article concludes by examining the public radio model as a successful way of monetising content.

A thought provoking article and one that I hope you enjoy.


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2 responses to “Publishing for Profit – How do you do it?

  1. Thanks for that. Another fascinating article among many from the old school professionals lamenting the passing of their time. It made me think, Graham, it’s not magazines which are dying off, everyone makes their own magazines using google readers and RSS feeds, everyone has become their own editor. It’s the idea of the professional editor, arbiter of taste and quality that’s passing away.

    • gnunn

      That’s a really interesting take on things Paul. That wasn’t something that hit me from the article, as I am one of those loyal to the print magazine and a happy subscriber to many Australian and international journals. I can only speak from my personal experience and say that for me the role of editor is something that I value greatly. I certainly think their role is rapidly changing though.

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